Stuart Trueman

Stuart has been a very very good friend here at NKA for along time know and its just not because he paddles an Expedition and now a Solo but because he is one of the best guys around

Stuart IS the leading Australian paddler here in Australia and when it get's bad out there you want him on your team.I can vouch for that have a read of this you will know what I mean

NKA are very proud to sponsor Stuart on his round Australia trip and have supplied him with a discounted NADGEE SOLO  which should keep him going with no troubles

Here is Stuarts review of NKA kayaks





By Stuart Trueman

Mark Broadley from Tasmania

Nadgee Bombora By Paul Loker

Paul is an esteemed paddler from Sydney with Australian Canoeing guide qualifications and many expeditions under his belt including Bass Strait,SW Tasmania to name a few.He usually paddles a Mirage 530 and I loaned him a Nadgee Bombora for 3 months to see what he thinks.

Here is his review:


After paddling a ruddered kayak for years, I was apprehensive about the change to a non-ruddered kayak.

Would it involve much effort to control in challenging conditions and
use up unnecessary energy for longer paddles?
But I need not be concerned, the Bombora is a very straight tracking kayak. And once a snug seating and thigh brace arrangement was achieved, it is capable of fine directional changes through little input from the paddler.
The incredible secondary stability makes maneuvering in tight situations an easy process,with 180 degree sweep turns being a relaxed event.
A skeg is fitted and can be deployed to give very rigid tracking, but I generally find it necessary to lower the skeg only slightly in cross winds and chop to maintain good directional tracking.
The subtle changes from the original Nadgee have made the Bombora even more
manoeuvrable without loosing any of the inherent characteristics, and making it a better
option for the lighter paddler.

A Nadgee Bombora about to be blessed by the skies
A Nadgee Bombora about to be blessed by the skies

The Magnificent Expedition by Mick Ellis


Here is a Review by a good bloke with a fair bit of like experience on the water and off


Review by Mick Ellis


Hi Lawrence, First of all, thanks very much for your help and hospitality, I enjoyed my time with you and learned a lot. Your area there with all the great beaches and the mountains nearby is fantastic. When I left you I headed up Batemans Bay way for a good couple of days and had some interesting paddles, even on the way up to Canberra, on the Clyd

The modifications, ie. the addition of a rudder and the new placement of the main bulkhead are a total success.

Great work from yourself and your esteemed helper, Ben.

I cannot speak highly enough of the "Expedition" in general.

Previously, I had a Mirage 580 and although it was a good kayak, the Expedition is, in my opinion, much better in all departments;

the Mirage was Kevlar and my Expedition carbon/Kevlar so I think I am comparing apples to apples,[close anyway].

The Expedition is considerably lighter and although I realise there is a half a metre difference in length, just the action of lifting the Exped. onto the roof racks of the car is markedly easier and not a tough task especially after a long paddle.

The tracking and turning of the Exped. is a delight, even without a rudder considering that the Mirage has quite a large rudder. The reason I went for a rudder for the Exped. was because I sail it and the rudder just makes it so much better to handle with the sail deployed.

The straight line tracking of the Exped. is exceptional. The quality of build in the Exped. is great, the firmness and "feel" of sitting in the boat and moving it around is very reassuring.

Talking about the speed of the two kayaks, I really don't think there is anything in it, my feeling being that the Exped. tracks so amazingly well and is so comfortable to paddle, there is really nothing to compare. I can get there just as fast or faster in the Expedition.

The Seat, with it's comfort and adjustability is so simple and practical. The fittings in general, ie. seat, deck fittings, rudder controls, tie downs, foot pump, bulkheads and hatch covers are all of excellent quality.

All things taken into consideration, I could not be happier with my Nadgee Expedition Kayak.

Thanks again Lawrence, hope to see you at the VSKC AGM in November. All the Best, Mick.



Dinesh Moylan