Nadgee Solo Seakayak

The Nadgee Solo Seakayak is the next generation NKA design


Utilising the same hull configuration as the Expedition but we have left the design as a rudder only Seakayak--

Why ....

When listening to customers who love the handling of there Seakayak without rudder or skeg,we thought the best way to tackle the situation was to have the best of both.

When your on an outing on the ocean and the wind and seas have risen you want to still be able to put all your energy to going forwards not edging and sweep strokes and the best way to do this is with a rudder no question,it may be fun for awhile without but there will come a time and a place when the best option is a rudder.

This is no ordinary rudder

Some of our kayaks

As you can see from the photos above we have cut a slot into the stern of the Seakayak and when in the up position the rudder can hardly be seen BUT most importantly it is also being protected as in the case of a surf landing and your boat lands heavy onto the beach

When in the down position is where this rudder is at its best and better than other rudders as well because...

If you have a look,you will notice that the rudder is slightly forward of its pivot point IE the pin holding the rudder

This turns the rudder from an inefficient trailing rudder to a high velocity rudder as designed and used on yachts

Its a common known marine industry fact that a rudder forward of its pivot point will have more effect than a trailing rudder

Its also more in the water due to the flipping down of the rudder as you can see from the photo the swing action is lower than standard style rudders


As well as changing the rudder setup on the  Nadgee SOLO seakayak we spent some time changing the deck lay out as well

You can now have the SOLO in the ocean size cockpit or the larger sized cockpit which is a bum in first style rather than the ocean cockpits leg first approach

The compass recess has been sunken slightly so the compass is below the line of the front hatch protecting the compass in case of those heavy beach landings

The Deck lines run all the way to the very bow of the kayak with its new look front toggle

Its also the same down the rear of the kayak with an easy hold handle

We have also added in some tie down points for the paddle wheels trolley system that can be added onto all NKA sea kayaks

Some of the best paddlers are choosing to paddle the new Nadgee SOLO to name a few

Stuart Trueman is probably the most experienced sea kayaker in Australia with many epic expeditions to his name with most in a Nadgee Expedition

Stuart will be paddling around Australia in his new Nadgee SOLO

Tina Rowley from Victoria is then most accomplished female seakayaker in Australia hands down -Tina unlike other female paddlers who are claimed to be the most accomplished paddlers lets her paddling do the talking -West Coast of Tasmania ,Western and Eastern crossings of Bass Strait to name a few of her bigger trips