Nadgee Expedition

Nadgee Expedition sea kayak with skeg
Ruddered Nadgee Expedition sea kayak
Nadgee Expedition Seakayak

The Nadgee Expedition Seakayak is the backbone of our buisness having been around for nearly 8 years now 

The Expedition Sea kayak can be configured with either

Rudderless  sea kayaking (in the true essense) with no skeg or rudder




We can still provide you the paddler with all the standard options that can be found on all our boats


Length -5.3mtrs or 17/3 feet

Width -57cm 0r 1.87 feet

Shape -Swede form 


Front -This can change due to the custom fit bulkhead being fitted exactely to the customers leg length but approx --58ltrs 

Day Compartment --39 ltrs

Rear Compartment --73 ltrs