Nadgee Bombora

Nadgee Bombora

The Nadgee Bombora is the newest design to the growing range at Nadgee Kayaks Australia.

Initially designed for the small to medium sized paddler the Bombora will also be ideally suited to the larger paddler who wants an exciting manoeuvrable low volume sea kayak .

At 5.2mtrs long with traits from the Nadgee Expedition with its full bow to alleviate pearling in surf and following seas we have added a slight amount of rocker to help with surfing and to assist edging and turning

We have also moved the paddler to a more central overall position that will assist edging and turning coupled with the shaved down keel line aft of the cockpit ensures that kayaks of all sizes have a easily manageable manoeuvrable kayak that coupled with the standard skeg still retains its "on rails" feel.

The cockpit at 86 cm will allow all but the tallest paddler a bum in first exit/entry and with good design we have managed to place the paddlers legs in a more together position providing good paddling technique,something other sea kayaks have managed to miss with their wide legs apart stance.

Good thigh/knee bracing bracing is easily achieved by the nicely shaped thigh/knee bracing which like all things built by NKA is over sized and easily adjusted to that perfect fit for different sized paddlers

This will be the sea kayak of choice for the novice and experts alike with its quality construction and ease of use its will be a stand out

Here at NKA we have decided to manufacture a affordable easy to use kayak with the following

  • Quality construction
  • VCP hatches(Rear large oval, 8" day hatch with a 8' forward hatch)
  • Standard with skeg
  • Quality inside and outside tape seam
  • High Quality Nadgee seat and back band
  • Tested and guaranteed dry hatches

Price for the Bombora starts at RRP $3100.00 and that will be a price that will turn heads contact NKA for further information