NKA Fabric Options


NKA Fabric Options

Here at NKA we off more than just the basic's when it comes to fabric options as we have an option to suite all styles of sea kayaking from light and easy to ice breaking layups

The options we offer are ones that we have tested ourselves and can say they are the best for what we recommend

Most manufacturers only offer the hull as the option to have you upmarket fabric used but here at NKA we offer the whole boat deck and hull bow to stern providing you with the 100% benefit that you choose

You also have the option of mixing different fabrics for instance Stuart Trueman on his round Australia trip took advantage of extra strength with a Carbon Hull and Carbon/Kevlar in the deck giving him extra strength where he needs it and some weight saving where he needs it

The Ice breaker layup

If your hard on your boat and you like to play in the rough stuff and you expect the most out of your kayak including playing on rocks get the ice breaker layup.

This is the full Kevlar heavy duty layup that will see you through

Stuart Trueman used this in his NKA Expedition model when he paddled in Antarctica bashing through Ice bergs it survived the constant bashing into ice with out any problems 

Here is some information on Kevlar


We only use the best materials and products on our kayaks


Kevlar fabric with it super strong satin weave
Kevlar fabric with it super strong satin weave


Light and Easy

Our Light and Easy Layup is our Carbon/Kevlar layup providing you with the lightest available NKA kayak.

If your not the type of paddler to tackle rock and gauntlets, your not the harsh type and look after your kayak.Then the Carbon/Kevlar is the option for you

You will have a strong resin to weight ratio kayak that will be light and easy to paddle and manhandle around

The mix of Carbon to Kevlar is a 50/50 mix with a stunning sexy look

Not only do you get the weight savings but the strengths of both Carbon and Kevlar

Super strong for its weight

We only use the best fabrics and products on the market ensuring you have a quality product



Sexy Looking Carbon/Kevlar with its amazing looking weave
Sexy Looking Carbon/Kevlar with its amazing looking weave

Carbon Fibre

Light right and mean

Our Light right and mean layup is the 100% pure Carbon Fibre layup in a weight that will surprise you for its strength and lightness

A lot has been written about the benifits of Carbon and how it can be used and here at NKA we have taken advantage of this technology and used the right weight and weave to come up with a layup that is the best on the Market

If your after a leading edge product that will perform then check this out


If chosen you will have a light right and mean kayak

If its good enough for the safety pod of a F1 machine its good enough for our top of the line kayak





Carbon Fibre in all black in a twill weave the best for seakaykaing
Carbon Fibre in all black in a twill weave the best for seakaykaing