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The first review of the Nadgee Bombora

Its so hard as a paddler and manufacturer to design and build a new kayak and then say its "a great kayak" and I hear it all the time from retailers and other manufacturers ..its just too easy as the...[more]

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A little spoken word from Stuart Trueman...around Australia

Stu Trueman has given an update on local radio in Esperance Western Australia about his around Australia attempt so far listen to it hear...[more]


The Kayak Shop

in Melbourne [more]


Introducing the Nadgee Bombora

A new deign seakayak for Nadgee Kayaks Australia The Bombora   Bombora is an indeginous term for an area of large sea waves breaking over a shallow area such as a submerged rock shelf, reef or sand bank that is located...[more]

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Our new model

Its on its way [more]

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Australia by Kayak

Stuart Trueman to paddle around OZ [more]

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Nadgee Kayaks Australia BLOGS into 2010

A Sea Kayak Manufacturers perspective [more]

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