Fit out

Here at NKA we only build the best using the best products to provide you the discerning paddler the ultimate in Sea kayaking.

 Resin's and Gel Coats -Our Resins/Gel coats as with all our manufacturing practices utilises a high end quality Resin/Gel coat that is far superior in strength, flexibility and water resistance than other general purpose resins and gel coats.This provides a long life in our Australian conditions.

Custom options - We understand that our customers are after the best and we can do the custom job to make your Nadgee Kayak unique in so many ways , from leg length bulkheads , custom gel coat artwork , solar power options and any thing you can think of we can help you achieve  that bespoke look or feature.




Hatches -We are always striving to provide value for money when it comes to our customers and we like to adjust our products as new innovative products come on the market.As of march 2012 we are exclusively using SeaLect design hatches as they are the best and newest available on the market.

Custom and fully adjustable seat and back band.A seat that is comfortable,easily adjustable,warm and easily shaped to suit all size bums with the back band easily adjusted on the water as well

Spare paddle park -no paddles over your back hatch

Quality Light Weight High Tech materials

Advanced Hard Chined Swede Form Hull -A swede form kayak is wider behind the paddler leaving a narrow bow forward of the paddler to allow a closer effienct stroke

Thigh Braces -As with the seat we don't just provide one size fits all but encourage you the paddler to carve your own thigh braces that are provided with your kayak until you get the right fit for you ,its the best set up

Heat Cured lay up

spare paddle park
ruddered bulkhead detail
pump detail
non ruddered bulkhead

Advanced Saftey Features

  • Two Tow points
  • optional hands free foot operated bilge pump
  • Quality  6mm deck lines all round

We take pride in our workmanship and are committed sea kayakers ourselves and fully understand what is required to produce an all round excellent product for you the sea kayaker 


Hands free foot operated bilge pump