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Over the coming months NKA will be launching new products and items that are at the forefront of seakaying in design and manufacture

If there is something that you need and we can help please contact us so we can help

Our prices are guaranteed to be the best and we do this by keeping our overheads down and passing this saving onto you if you can find a better price let us know and we will beat it



Skeg kits

NKA skeg kit
NKA skeg kit

Our Skeg kits can be retrofitted to existing composite kayaks or fitted into your own wooden creation

Using high end components and materials with easy instructions for fitting make this a very good choice for home builders or manufacturers wanting to install these as standard equipment

Price $250.00


Our seat is the best on the market and can fit many other brands.Easy to install with velcro holding down the seat.

As everyone's hips and bums are different sizes we supply the seat in a standard cut and many find this perfect for them but the shape is easily shaped with a rough sandpaper as are the thigh braces that come with the seat but these are left to you to shape down with the supplied sandpaper

These fit a wide variety of sea kayaks from Valley,Rockpool,Mirage,Pittarak,Epic and many other brands our seat will out perform them all

Perfect for a long day on an expedition or a short paddle down the river our kayak seat will keep you comfortable all day long

Price $125 .00 inc GST Hip Pads $30

Compass and night light

Being designed as an all round'er including expeditions , our kayaks requires a good compass for paddling in fog, open water crossings, long river paddles or coastal navigation. A high quality deck mounted ships compass can be factory fitted to a recessed mount on the forward deck for hands free navigation by the paddler.

Our Danforth Sailor 2 compass is high quality and comes with a 3 year guareentee and can be fitted with a night light here in the factory making it handly for those late and long crossings

Compass $120.00

Night light kit $110.00