Trolley system

NKA are proud to provide the " PADDLE WHEELS " trolley system.

They leave all other trolleys standing (or swimming) in it's wake.

This system can be fitted into your new kayak here at NKA headquarters.

Or retro fitted into your existing Nadgee or any other sea kayak on the market.


Why is this the best system on the market?


  • Bomb proof design giving you expedition proof reliability
  • Quality components
  • Top of the line stainless used throughout
  • Light weight with all fittings 1.2kg
  • Adaptable to any kayak
  • Easily packed away into a loaded sea kayak


This truly unique system made by sea kayakers for sea kayakers makes you totally SOLO.

Needing no one to help carry your boat from waters edge to your camp site or car.


NKA are proud to sponsor Freya Hoffmesister in her attempt to paddle around Australia in 2009 .

We will be installing her kayak with one ( as she insists she cannot be without it)after recommendations from Sandy Robson who had the SOLO system installed into her kayak on her long Australian paddle.

So don't wait order or enquire now !!!!!!!!!




Check the tide out and I mean out!!
Dave Winkworth's NKA trolley system
Check the tide out and I mean out!!