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Sea kayaks ready for daily use as a day kayak or fully  fitted out for any Expedition
Expedition tough Sea kayaks ready for use as a day kayak or fully fitted out for any Expedition

 Nadgee  Sea Kayaks Australia build innovative high performance touring Sea kayaks ready for any expedition or day use, using the best techniques and materials.

Not only are we Australian owned and made we are proud to be a CARBON FRIENDLY business by only using 100% Solar Power in our manufacturing process

In order to supply the best sea kayaks for your next expedition or day trip we hand build each custom  sea kayak to exact customer specifications. We are constantly seeking new technologies in order to continually improve our products and make our kayaks the most advanced and progressive available.

Above all, we enjoy kayaking. We enjoy using our own hand made kayaks to explore beautiful Coastlines .

We would like to share with you the thrill, the excitement and the rush of paddling our seakayaks.



Review of the large cockpit (new) Nadgee Solo

 Stuart Trueman who paddled his Nadgee Solo on a sea kayak expedition ALL the way around Australia recently had the chance to sit in and use the new revamped large cockpit Nadgee Solo that a customer had bought.

Stuart was so impressed with the shape and comfort tat he sent his Nadgee Solo that he used for this major expedition for Nadgee Kayaks to cut out the old cockpit and insert the new cockpit , no easy feat but it was done.

Stuart then picked the kayak up and literally took it away to paddle South Western Tasmania one of the roughest stretch of coast that you can paddle.

Here's his review of the new cockpit shape 

 I spent the last two weeks paddling the rugged coastline of South Western Tasmania testing my upgraded cockpit of the Nadgee Solo sea kayak.

It has been well shaped to allow for freedom of the knees, so you can keep your legs up for effective leg drive during the forward stroke.

However when things get rough there are thigh braces , which you can quickly put your legs under for complete control.

I found both positions comfortable with no problem switching between the two due to the convient size of the braces and the height of the deck.

The cockpit allows for my legs to swing in after I am in the seat.

This is very useful for cowboy rescues.When launching from Maatsuyker Island we threw the kayak into the sea from the rocks, jumped in,swam after it and then jumped out of the water straight into the seat.This quickly made the kayak stable so avoiding any embarrassing photos of a capsize!



The quality of the build was also tested after a seal got spooked and made a bee line to the sea from the hill above.

Unfortunately the been line involved jumping five foot off a rock onto my kayak"s cockpit before bouncing , with limited grace into the ocean.The seal was a full grown male and must have weighed a ton.

Unbelievably there was no damage done to my kayak.

The cockpit also has an easy access hatch on the deck for snacks , sunscreen etc.This does not get in the way during paddling as it has a net base not fibreglass.This innovation also helps to keep the kayaks weight to a minium.

All told this cockpit ticks all the boxes.

Its comfortable ,allows for the effective forward of a ski and control of a white water kayak.Its large enough to allow easy access and its strong enough to drop a seal on it, although this is not reccomended 

Stuart Trueman 

Nadgee Kayaks Australia is a proud Australian manufacturer of high end Expedition or day use sea kayaks.

We encourage you to buy Australian... to help Australia... keep our jobs... and our sea kayak industries here in Australia